I've been changing my hair color all my life /which is not a big period of time/, so I decided to list my hair color recommendations for all girls and boys who had gotten tired of their current or natural one and don't want to dye their hair something too crazy

1 Blonde

Okay, I know almost everyone has blonde hair nowadays but the reason why is that this hair color is amazing. And I'm not talking about the silver or platinum blonde, I'm talkling about the more natural blonde /or even darker like my real hair that I'm in love with/

hair, girl, and fashion image Image removed

2 Ginger

This hair color looks so good and is just one of my favorites.

girl, hair, and lips image hair, red hair, and redhead image

3 Black

Don't think that's just too simple, you have no idea how good jet black hair looks.

hair, straight, and straight hair image girl, black, and hair image

4 Aubergine

It's unique and cute, not exactly purple, not red, what more do you need?

beauty, coloured hair, and dyed hair image hair and purple image

5 Caramel

I mean come on, who doesn't want a soft brown look?

caramel, hair, and hairstyle image hair, girl, and blonde image

Experimenting with your hair is great, but don't forget to take good care of it.