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The hardest thing about the gym is to actually get your yourself dowm there. If you know what i mean, keep reading for my favorite tricks to bring myself down to the gym.

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Energy drink

Treat yourself with your favorite energy drink, of course it has to be sugar free. Give yourself a half hour just enjoying it, and feel the energy increase in your body, and then head of to the gym!

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This ones goes really well with the energy drink. Put your favorite beats on and get in the mood. I usually listen to the same music I would like partying to. No sleepy melodies!

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Go with a friend

If you’re not feeling like going, you could get one of your friends going with you. You don’t have to do the same routine, just supporting each other to get to the gym is an huge help.

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For me it seems crazy that you use your car to get to a place, to get fit, why don't take your bike then?? But for me it actually helps, especially if it’s cold, rains or snow, I can’t get myself out in those weathers. If you don’t have a drivers licens or car, you can always ask you’re parents, or if maybe you have a workout buddy, you can ask them picking you up on the way. If not, you can always take the bus, when you’re on the bus, there is no going back!

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New things

It might be the wierdest tip. But me and some of my friends find it really helpful. Get yourself som pretty workout clothes, make a new playlist or find some new exercises to try of. I like to go of an show my new outfits, try out new workouts or just kicking it to bomb asf music.

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Fitness quotes

If I don't feel motivated to go to the gym, I like to go on WHI and search for fitness qoutes, after reading some af them I suddentlu found to motivation again. A good idea would also to make a collection of your favorites. I will make an article about my favorite quotes soon, so stay tuned!

I hope you can use these ideas and get yourself of to the gym. I would love to put on more ideas, so if you have any, feel free to send them, you will of course be creditted!

Much Love

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