It's late, I'm trying to get home
And I take a path that I don't know
A small path that runs alongside the factories
And the city by cutting through the forest

I'm just beginning to glimpse nature
When all of a sudden, night falls
I am plunged into the dark and the silence
Yet, I'm not afraid, I fall asleep

A few minutes at most
And when I wake up, the sun is there
And the forest shines brightly

I recognize this forest, it is not an ordinary forest
It's a forest of memories, my memories
This white and sound river, my adolescence
These great trees, the men I loved

This bird that flies, in the distance, my missing father
My memories are no longer memories
They are there, alive near me
They dance and embrace me, sing and smile

I look at my hands, I caress my face
I am 20 years old, and I love how I never loved

[M83 song]