Hello to everyone who is reading this, i hope you're having a lovely day, i want to start this article (my first one btw) by introducing myself, so i will give you five (awesome) facts about me:

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  • My name is Miranda and I'm 17 years old.
  • I have an obsession with music (also spicy food and all the cute things for back to school or u know, just cute/cool stuff)
  • I'm not a picky person, so i love every genre of music and movies (also obsessed with going to the cinema.)
  • I talk a lot... like... A L-O-T, so that means i will write a lot too (duh), I'm a chatty person so if u don't like that.... please, stay and get used to it.
  • I'm Mexican, so obviously i talk Spanish but also English, and a little bit of Italian (thanks, Duolingo!), anyways, this means that i could make some mistakes, please, understand and don't be so hard with me.

Thanks for reading all that, now, this is my mixtape, i really hope you enjoy it, be open-minded with whatever is down there. ;)

2. DAWES - Things Happen.
3. HENRY JAMISON - Real Peach.
4. GROUPLOVE - Ways To Go.
5. RUTH B. - Dandelions (Actually, she is one of my favorites, listen to all of her songs, she's GREAT, you'll love her, trust me.)
6. GREYSON CHANCE - Meridians.
7. TOR MILLER - Baby Blue.
8. HOZIER - Cherry Wine. (Love this man too.)
9. HIPPO CAMPUS - Way It Goes.
10. KHALID - Coaster. (Like i said with Ruth and Hozier, he is also one of my favorites, better listen to the full album.)
11. ABHI THE NOMAD - Somebody To Love.
12. SAN CISCO- Hey, Did I Do You Wrong?

Soooo this is it, everyone, I put the links so you can have the total experience haha I really wanted to add more but I'll leave you the playlist below. All these songs are my favorites so far; hope you like it, see u in the next article!

》You can check the complete playlist on Spotify:《