the fast and the furious franchise is not just eight two-hour films for me, it has done a lot more than that and frankly, actually has a deep sentimental meaning to me. The first one came out when I was still in the womb, so I didn't even get to watch it when it was still freshly made. However, as years rolled past and my dad's passion and car fanaticism never died down, I started witnessing scenes from it while playing in the living room as my parents watch a movie, which happened to be it many of the times. I have been told by them that I would stop and put my toys aside to just sit on the floor and gawk at the screen, obviously not really understanding what is going on and the moral of it all but clearly impressed by what I was seeing, so I would remain concentrated. My dad was pleased by how much I seemed to like this film so he started watching it and the ones that had come out meanwhile more often, not only because he loved it too but because of how interested I was to know what was happening and how excited I looked while it was on TV. It would impress him how many different questions I used to ask and how I would always grasp onto everything Dom used to do, and ask why he would do just that. Naturally, more user that a 4 y/o, my dad always used to tell me that Dom does all these things because he loves his sister and his friends, who he calls family, very much and wants them to be happy and safe. I would always tell him that one day I want to be like Dom and always make my family happy and keep them safe, and I remember he would just smile at me. With the passing of more and more time, my interest towards the Toretto family and stories grew as more movies started to come out in the franchise. I was finally allowed to go down into my dad's garage when he was there and just stay with him and watch what he does, which apparently really interested me. My parents were almost amused with my sudden interest in car mechanics, racing and designing. It was almost like a strike of lightning when swimming in the sea for my mom, as she always imagined her daughter dressed in pink and playing with dolls and dresses, but instead she saw a girl with her hair always braided and dressed in jeans, wanting her dad to let her play with his tools and fix the cars with him. It surprised her, endnote really knowing what to do with it, she just allowed me to play with cars and bought me the toys I wanted, even if she wasn't really enjoying looking at me point towards tools in the toy store, and not dolls. My dad, however, enjoyed looking at me want to know all these things and he taught me small things one step at a time. According to him, I never lost ambition nor did my dedication fade out. Slowly and steadily, I was becoming a mini Letty. Now, almost sixteen years later, I deal with problems just the same way Letty would, he tell me. He's told me he looks at me admire a car and his heart melts. He tells me that every time I see a Mustang my eyes light up with excitement and I always half-jump up, eager to see more. I do see it, the passion for cars and the will to know more about them, the will to hustle and be independent, the admiration and respect towards family and those who keep it safe, and of course, as my dad puts it, the look of a strong woman in my eyes. As many other people aren't, I'm also not happy with many of the things I've done. Quite a few of them are not so nice things done in favour of family, or my friends, but that's the same thing right now as I only have two which I dare call family - the rest are either fake enough for me to call two-faced cunts, or have back stabbed me more times than the amount of hair I have on my head, yeah, that much of a bitch she is. Anyhow, let's not start on her because I've got a few nasty things to say and the moral of the story will be lost. I always look forward to fresh starts, and this summer should be one of them. Walking into it with only two people flush behind my back, I felt secure to ditch the fake bitch, move on from the parasite of my ex boyfriend, and finally start showing actual interest in other guys, many of which were not looking for the actual thing, which was fine with me, since you know, why exit one and enter another right away. On that note, I enjoy being single. It gives me a sense of freedom I hadn't noticed I missed, being so idiotically indulged in a romance that even I wasn't realising was so bitter and just, unreal for a 14/15 year old girl. Frankly, I do have to thank him for opening my eyes on some other things. Such as now, being able to see the difference between a marriage based teenage relationship and an actual teenage relationship, which I wouldn't have been impressed by before I had the chance to experience it. Now, however, all I want is to feel the tingly butterfly sensation everyone speaks of with mushy cheeks, and get rid of the confusion with the guy I'm currently involved with. In a nutshell, it's all based on how you build yourself through experiences and how you move on past things. It is an important factor in life, being able to move on. Some people get stuck and never leave one thing in the past, and with the passing of time, this thing eats them up on the inside, never leaving them in full peace. Others, make it look like they have moved on for the sake of the people around them and just end up thinking about this and sinking deeper into it each and every time they are left alone and in silence. I believe in the saying that everything happens for a reason but what I do seem to indulge in is what the reason behind the happening of some things is, it makes me wonder.