So, this is my 3rd day of highschool. I'm a junior and I absolutely hate it.
I had a great Summer and going back to school hit me like a bag of bricks.
I feel demotivated and depressed. I feel extremely unhappy when I remember that this year I'll have to do tons of homework, exams and studying, including spending time with people who I'm not too fond of.

So, from a sis who's going through the same thing, I'll tell you some tips how to get over this funk!

Take time to relax. Do yoga, listen to some positive affirmation music, or if you're social - go out with some friends. Don't stress yourself too much over work - it is NOT worth it.

I'm not really a type to organize or plan (I WISH I WAS) so I do it all in my head. If you have homework or books that you have to read for next lesson, DO not put it away and say ''meh, I'll do it tomorrow''..force yourself and do tasks that need to be done - in time. (Adding a bit of relaxation ofc)!

If you are demotivated to even take a book or study, do it one step at a time. Instead of checking who followed you on Twitter, take a book and just quickly take a peek at the pages. It does miracle, trust me - our brains are much better then we think!!