Before summer officially ends, there are a few destinations that have to be mentioned before my ‘summer dream destinations list’ is complete! I think these two destinations are the perfect ones to end the summer season with!


The Republic of Fiji includes more than 330 islands but only 106 of them are inhabited. The islands of Fiji have an amazing landscape, there are mountains which are higher than 1300 metres (Tomanivi of Victoria) and large areas containing tropical forests. The biggest island is called Viti Levu. Fiji is famous for its clear blue oceans and tropical white beaches. The atmosphere on Fiji is very relaxed and that makes Fiji the ultimate summer destination.

“Whether you choose to laze on the beach and work on your suntan while reading your favourite book, or get wild and adventurous with the many choices of activities in the ‘land of paradise’, there is something for everyone in Fiji.” (Go Tours Travel)
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The people in Thailand name their country ‘Prathet Thai’, which literally means ‘free country‘. Until 1939, Thailand was called Siam. The main capital of Thailand is Bangkok. Most people in Thailand are Buddhist. Thailand has a very unique landscape, it contains mountains, forests and rivers, as well as tropical forests and dry areas (Khorat Plateau). ‘Must-sees’ in Thailand are; Ko Ratanakosin (amazing temples and the largest statue of Buddha in the world), Wat Arun (temple) and Chao Phraya (a river that crosses through the centre of Bangkok). Because words can’t describe the beauty of Thailand, I’ll show you a few pictures of these amazing locations:

beautiful and thailand image
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Thailand has, besides the beautiful temples and historical buildings, also a very modern side. Thailand has a lot of big cities. The population of Bangkok almost reaches the number of six million. The megacity of Bangkok is famous for its nightlife and its skyscrapers.

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I don’t know about you guys but I became really enthusiastic about Thailand while writing this blogpost. Yeah, Fiji is amazing, it’s the perfect place to relax and experience an awesome summer. But Thailand has it all (in my opinion). There are Buddhas and temples and amazing historical buildings with cultural rituals that are centuries old, but there are also big skyscrapers and modern highways and an amazing nightlife! Thailand has reached the top of my bucket list, that’s one thing that’s sure!

Love, Vera