Where do I belong?
Will I ever know?
Why does some people feel like home?
But when I have to leave, i feel like lost.
I travel because you want to escape, but even next to you, loneliness haunts me even on my best days.
No matter how close we are, and how much you say you love me. Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm just your puppy, hanging around for your own reasons.
No matter how much I try to fight the thought, that I'm nothing in comparison to you.
You always find a way to prove me, that I'm actually something for you.
But what?
What am I?
Why do I depend on you?
Why do I feel foreign in my own country, whenever you leave.
Next to you, it's beautiful but at the same time, it's hard to breathe.
Everytime I try to build myself up, I can't because you're the one I need to feel complete.
Afterall, why do I still feel lost?
Why do I feel unwanted?
Even though, everytime you're here, I feel like at home.
It seems like home is not enough.
I feel comfort but no love.
You keep me safe, but you don't know how to love someone like me.
I don't blame you.
I don't blame anybody.
It's simple to tame a monster, but how do you love a monster?
You made it feel like a first ride on the roller coaster.
I felt nervous at first, the belt made me feel secure, but the end seemed so far away, even reality knew how to fool someone like me.
That's how I felt. Thats how you made me feel.
That's the moment I knew, I'm nothing compared to you.