At least at a part that i am going to write u are going to find urself. If you are at the first year of high school you understand me exactly how i feel...

Listening to sad songs
drawing depressive draws every day
going school, feeling lonely
bad at making friends
bad at talks
missing home like hell
hard at learning
faking it
hiding the pain with smiles
oh the pain
trying to do not give up, even that we know its so hard
having suicidal thoughts
seeing horrible dreams, that wakes us up at 3-4 am
trying to ask for help in a difficult way
not knowing what after high school
looking at all of these "perfect girls bodies"
going back to room crying

we don't smoke at all we are not nerds we just don't know where we belong
we have a place to go to sleep, but not a place where we feel ourselves
we are so lonely, so lost, we are just some kids that need help

I feel so bad while writing this but i got it as a ok idea to write what i feel here, thing which i think people at my age don't have these feels but maybe some of them... just some of them. i would love to say you are not alone, you are not, but as if for now we all are alone, but we all are in this together...

also please feel free to write me, find a way to write me because i would love to know if you are going through all of these too..
thatboredpanda !!