Hi everyone!
This is my favourite app and i love spending time,relaxing and discover beautiful pictures here.First, thank you for reading my first artical.
I hope that you will like this and the articals that i will write in the future.
So, i am 17 years old girl, soon i will have 18.I am from Bulgaria.And sorry about my english. English is my second language.I like watching serials and my favourite serial is Chicago fire.

Image by Glamorous Paradise
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My favourite actors is Leslie Shay and Kelly Severide

Also i lovee makeup.I love doing makeup.I love wearing makeup and one day I would like be a makeup artist.

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Beauty is a power,and makeup is something that really enhances that,it's a woman's secret!

Some of my favorite hobbies including watching serials and doing makeup are listening music,reading,shopping,travelling and hanging out with my friends.

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I love to make some new friends so you should message me if you like!
Sooo this is all from me. I hope that you will like this.

Love you