Hey Stars,
I went to the movie Dunkirk this weekend. Yes where Harry styles is in. And yes I'm 100% of Directioners blood. But I went so this weekend to this movie with a few friends and in this article I'm going to tell what I think of this movie.

What is the film about?
I'll first tell you what the movie is about. Dunkirk starts as hundreds of thousands of British and allied soldiers are encircled by enemy troops. Caught on the beach with their back to the sea they stand for an impossible situation when the enemy comes closer. (Yes I copied it from a site)

What do I think of the movie?
I think the movie is super well filmed. The actors were great (hum... Harry but the ' real ' lead was also good) I don't really know what to say more about the film. It was just great. Only because I was in the cinema was the sound of the planes very hard and that was quite a bit annoying. The movie I did find good to follow only my friends not (what I understand since my girlfriends are not the smartest, haha just joking)

For the Directioners (or for the people who want to read this because they want to see how much I love One Direction)
Okay Harry had more text that the ' real ' starring, I repeat: more text. Harry acted really good for someone who has never acted (except for iCarly but that does not count). My friends said to me before I went to watch the film that Harry only came in after the first hour. I'll tell you a little spoiler.... no it's not like that. Harry arrives after 20 minutes or something like that (after you see him for the first time, you see him the whole movie long YESSS)

So this was all about what I wanted to tell you. It is a highly recommended film.

Big hug,