I never thought I'd do that.
I can't write article, essay or poem, in fact, I can't write anything, mostly in english. But I feel inspired and I need to take this chance.
So I'm here, on WHI, because I think that it's one of the few "place" where people can express themselves freely, and I need to let go of what I am.
I don't pretend anyone cares about what I write or what I am, I know how world works, but I'll write it anyway.

My idea is write many pieces as I feel, each with a different subject, to try to narrate myself; I'm going to call it tracks because, you will find it out in future, music is a very important part of my life, maybe the most important one.
So, let's start this CD.

My name in Anna, I choose Nausicaa because I like it very much as name and because I love ancient greek and roman mythology, and I’m Italian (so sorry for my terrible English). I’m 19, early 20, and I study aerospace engineering at the university.
In my nature coexist so much features: I’m a very practical person but also sensitive, I seem lazy and cautious but in fact I think life is adventure and danger, many times I’m too shy but I need to meet new people and friends, and after a first moment I become outgoing, friendly and sometimes crazy too. I’m interested in a lot of thing and my hearts and collections can prove it: I love music, fashion, science, movies, nature, sport, videogames, people, have fun…I love the world.

Anyway, how can a person be only one thing? I’m like anyone else, we all are an union of beauty and horror, we all are at the same time an angel and a demon.

So, what am I doing?
I’m trying to change my life, a flat and boring life, restaring by myself and this time sourrouding me by people like me with whom I can share the life.
I’m trying to write my thought and my emotion because I need to get them out of my mind.
I’m trying to do something that I’ve never done, show the real me.

Temporarily removed

- For the people who have had the patience to read up here I’m sorry if I bored you and I really thank you for dedicating some of your precious time to me. That‘s a thing only few people do.
I hope I can write something else soon.
If someone would to send me a message I’ll very grateful and happy.

Stay tuned.
Love, Nausicaa