I have a secret love for fall (or autumn for the fancy ones) and it is becoming less secret. I would say it is my second favorite season heading with Summer, nothing beats Summer for me. But seeing Fall is knocking on our doors I had a few ideas of what to do or how to get in the Halloween spirit (see what I did there, I can be a comedian if I keep going like this)

1. DECORATIONS! Fall decor is so so important I always promise myself (and my room) that when summer is over my whole room will scream of Fall but that doesn't often happen as all I can think of is throw pillows or blankets (which can get expensive) but I had some ideas:
-create a mood board, a different mood board for a different season
-candles are a must, that is all
-pillows are pretty great
-fake leaves or flowers in a cute vase or can catch someones eye when they enter your room

2. MOVIES! I love watching endless movies in my bed with some tea or chocolate it brings me right in the Fall (Christmas) mood, some of my favorite Fall/Halloween movies are:
-Hocus Pocus, I'm pretty sure everyone has seen it but if you haven't, what?
-Gilmore Girls, not a movie but binge watchable
-Barbie and the Nutcracker, everyone secretly enjoys watching the Barbie movies
-Nightmare before Christmas, when it's fall it's technically Christmas
-Halloween, for the people that don't get scared easily
-I kind of ran out of ideas but Youtube is a wonderful place (sometimes) where I will always find Fall Morning/Night routines (or what to do when you're bored, helps in fall as well)

3. PLANS! make plans with friends, I know school is a thing for lots of people but even outside of school you can do things like going to town and go shopping, if you're not a shopping kind of person just walking around town puts me in a good mood because where I live they have the street decorations out before you can blink (and you can grab a pumpkin spice latte, basic i know but so good)

4. READ! books is the place where I truly get lost and if I had to create a list of my favorite books it would be endless so I'm not going to do as I'm sure you can find plenty yourself (but I do really like Great Expectations, Christmas Carol, The Paris Secret, and many more as I've said xo)

Some people say Christmas is the most magical time of the year, which I agree on, but I find seeing nature change it's colors and this affecting people's moods and the general atmosphere pretty magical.

p.s. did anyone count how many times I've said Fall in this?