I've always thought that school is what will help us in our future. why? I dont know in other countries but here, in Venezuela, Colleges and Universities doesnt accept you if you dont have a good average, and thats very important, not only for be a good student, also because you have possibilities in many places.

And how can we keep good grades? I'll leave you here some tips that could help you, for me it helps I hope also for you ;)

(by the way, english is not my natal language so excuse me if I have mistakes)

Stay foused

Keep your mind on what really matter, in knowledge and not much about to be perfect, because anybody can be copied in tests, haves the best grade and is a fool, you know.

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"The best investiment? Youself."

Keep motivated

Everytime that you would want to stop with your studies and leave them behing remember why are you doing this. Remember your goals, always remember the reasons why you are doing this.
I dont know yours but mine are that I want to get in a good University, make myself proud and build me a beautiful knowledge

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"Do your future self a favor and work hard now."

Take your own notes

Keep all your attention on the class and take notes about what you think will help you to study. If its difficult to do that just record the class in that way you could listen it again at home.
What I do is take notes of everyhting the teacher says in X notebook and then write it in the notebook of the subject-matter. So in that way my notebook is cute.

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"Progess not perfection."

Get organized

There are many ways that work to get organized and to take time for do a bit of eveything. Find the best way to organize yourself by your schedule.
For example; this year will be my penultimate school year in highschool and I have to get better grades than the last years. I have volleyball Mondays and Wednesdays, martial arts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, on Saturdays all day English and Italian classes, and at night I go to the gym between the week. What I do is to study the subject that I have to learn but with my own words, and in the evaluated activities that arent examinations I give the best of myself, I try to make the teacher happy by making the work exactly the way he likes it. And if you have a teacher who likes to fail all your promotion, work so hard to the point that he cant do something to get you a bad grade in all year long.

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"Its time to work a little harder."

Do friends out of your promotion

This is important because when you need help in something (no matter what)they will be there to help you. Besides that your social circle will be bigger. I prefer have friends olders than me, they are loyalty with younger friends because they will see you like a lil brother or sister but also have younger friends is good.

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"Blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family."

For yourself

Try to be the best you can be but only for yourself. Because this is not for your parents, or for your friends, couple, etc. No. This is for you, for your future, for your life, only for you.

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"Work hard today, be proud tomorrow."

Keep a good diet

Its very important to have a good diet because you need to put your brain to work with all it got and without a good alimentation, how is this possible?
P.S.: Later I'll do an article about my diet being celiac.

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"Eating healthy becomes a habit."

Your mental and physical health comes always first

If you got a test and you have been all the night studying; if you yawns every five minutes, your eyes cry, and you cant hold your own for yourself. Leave it, leave it there, you gave your best and thats what matters. Think about your limits because even the nicest people have their own limits.

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"Your health comes before school."

Look for so much more

Normally the topics that we have in school are very limited, to expand that knowledge, to expand that intellect, you have to crave to know more. Search the internet, books, newspapers, etc. In this way you can have a broader knowledge and be more educated, apart from getting better on the evaluations.

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"No beauty without intelligence."

Okay people! These tips are what help me to do it good in school and it work for me so I hope you like it and these also work for you! thanks for reading! if you want me to publish articles on a specific topic or give me some advice, feel free to send me any messages! Take care!

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