One of my favourite collections is my yummy collection because it contains photos of foods I would love to eat but cannot as I have a stomach condition.

I find it helps me get over the urge to eat the food I most love like hamburgers. I imagine the taste of that first bite opening my mouth real wide to fit in the mouthful, the juiciness of the meat, licking my lips as the ketchup drips and holding that french fries in my other hand ready to devour the taste of that fluffy potato. After all that thought I feel full and I do not feel deprived that I could not eat the real thing.

big mac, brunette, and McDonalds image

OK sometimes I am naughty and I just cannot help myself as I walk past the patisserie I just have to go in and buy a donut. Custard ones are my favourite. OMG the sweet taste of yum. I know later I will suffer the consequence but for now I just savour that taste of wow.

food, sweet, and yummy image

After writing this I feel satisfied and the urge has gone for the food I cannot eat, well....its gone....for now.........