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You know when you are just really tired of a place, you just picture yourself elsewhere. Wherever, just not at home. I have been doing this for quite some years now, and I have never been more exited to finish school and travel elsewhere than right now.

I live in a safe country with a lot of good qualities and benefits, but there are a lot of things that I would rather have and see. I for instant, really care about culture. Therefore it is sad knowing my country is close to not having a specific culture. I guess that is one of the reasons why I have become so tired of being here.

An important thing for me is to travel with the right person. Therefore I will or I am specific as I ask someone to come travel with me. Not because I like someone better, but because there is a different place for a different friendship. So if I ever ask you to travel with me, I am being thoughtful not random.

When you travel you explore other sides of yourself. You get to know what you prefer, what you want to experience, and you meet new people(!!). I think the last part is the most important thing. To make friendships all over the world. It will help you understand the world a little bit better. Maybe understand yourself a little better.

The only downside of being elsewhere, would be money. It is not as simple as we may think it is to get a job as we travel. Or have the money to travel wherever and for how long. But please, do not let that stop you from exploring other places.

If you want to get to know someone, travel with them
- An old saying

And I think I am going to live by that quote.