Home is where our hearts belong to.Is the place where we feel safe.

I love staying at my home.
Do you wanna know why?

1)I can wear whatever the heck I want to.Could be my pyjamas,my old sweater or even my mom's dress.And the BEST part?I feel more comfortable than ever.

sweater, winter, and clothes image

2)I can eat whatever I want to however I want to.I am an extremely sloppy eater and having to eat in a fancy restaurant in front of other people would make me feel anxious.And sweaty.And kinda wanna die.Trust me,it would be bad.

food image

3)I'm having more fun watching a movie,eating cheetos and laying on my bed rather than going out and having to see people.
Movies are cool.

bedroom, bed, and sleep image

4)Going out would mean spending money,money I could save to buy some popcorn(to eat when watching a movie probably).It's a yes for the popcorn.

popcorn, food, and yummy image

5)When I'm home alone I can listen to music and sing as loudly as I want to.Going out would mean,sitting quietly at the corner of the room thinking about how I'd love to go back at my home.

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