Do you think that perfection exists?
I believe that majority's answer in this question is 'no'. And I agree. Because we make mistakes all the time, no matter how hard we try not to make. We are humans and this is in our nature.
So, if perfection doesn't exist, why are we trying to be perfect and infallible? Of course we have to improve ourself and have a progress, but thinking that we will never reach where we want, we despair and we get mad.
Let me ask you something... Are you of the opinion that Art is perfect? Me, I am. I love Art and all its aspects (Music, Painting, Sculpture etc.). A wonderful song about selfishness in love may be written by the boy who was egoist in his relationship, a superior painting may be created by the girl who was angry with this boy. Art consists of creators who weren't flawless. Unlike, they were 'defective'.
Awesome things happen through our mistakes. We are beautiful just the way we are, with our faults. Love yourself and love the others with their flaws! Don't be affraid of failure because when you are at the bottom the only way you can take is..upwards!