You're in my head night and day
I hate that I can't keep you away,
You're in my dreams , you're in my eyes
I hate that I just can't disguise ;

The love that I have for you
Since , maybe a month or two
You have grown inside my heart
Just like a stunning work of art ;

Sadly , you have someone for you
And she may be "your big boo"
I just hope , deep down inside
I can show you what I hide ;

So much passion , so much pain
They're just making me insane
This may be pointless for you
But you know...not for me too ;

Hope I don't seem desperate
My feelings had to eject
Cause everytime I kept them in ,
Nothing good came within ;

This ain't from the internet
I wrote this only for the red
Who had shown me what care is ,
Even though I am not his .