I want to try everything . I want to be slut for one day , I want to say fuck it for one day , I want to screw up everything for one day , I want to go somewhere and not care , I want to set my school on fire , I want to but I can't . I can't be a slut because I would feel guilty to go home and kiss my mom knowing that I did something that she would not be proud of . I can't fuck up for a second because I'm scared of what happens if I do . (I can't go somewhere and say hahah lmao fuck it because bitchhh my parents gonna whoop my ass ) ... You have people saying that it's your life you do what you want with it . NO I can't just do what I want because I have a future and if I just YOLO my life what is going to happen to that future . You may think oh my god look what a control freak blah blah blah . Look I am not a nerd , I am not some weird girl who has no friends and has not fun . I live a great life and some people would love my life maybe . I am just tired of living with a thought in the back of my head saying " WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IF YOU DO THIS " ....I just want to be those rich kids in movies who don't care about tomorrow cause they know it's going to be okay even if they fuck up , cause their dads wallet is always going to help 'em . I am not living my life to the fulles cause i hope one day I will get a good job and not have a bad label . I will be rich and live the life I always dream offf . Make my kids those rich kids I was talking about . I want them to live without a care in the world . I want them to have the life I dream of