I don't know about you? But for me, one of the hardest things about eating healthy is to stay away from sweets, cake, chips and so on.
Therefore I've had been creative finding ways to substitute all the unhealthy candy with healthier, but yet delicious options.

I will update the list anytime I come up with new ideas, so stay tuned!

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Dates with cocao powder

Where I live you can buy dates in cocolate powder. At fist dates taste a bit like the chocolate, but the powder makes it tasten even more. If you can't find them in your supermarket, you can always experiment with making them at home.

Chocolate smoothie

One of my favorite options are a chocolate smoothie, especially in the summer. You need to frozen bananas, 1 spoon raw cocao powder, drops of sweetners, I like to add a litlle vanilla powder and some sort of milk, i like to use rice milk. You can always try to experiment with using dates, different kind of milk, maybe use cocolate milk?

Chocolate cake

I love experimenting with healthy cakes. Theres lots of different recipes on the internet with cakes inkluding avocado, beans, dates, bananas and more. I will write an article with my favorites recipes later. So keep an eye after that.

Dark chocolate

Really dark chocolate is actually not that bad - in moderation of course. So if you're like me, really bad at moderation, I won't recommend this. But if you're okay with just eating one piece of min. 70% dark chocolate, this could be an option.

Chocolate mousse

Make an easy chocolate mousse using avocado, cocoa powder, vanilla, milk and sweetners, or look up different recipes on the internet.

Protein bars

This one is also good if you're doing fitness, or if you tense not to get all of you're proteins. On the other side they may contain a small amount of calories compared to a chocolate bar, but they contain lots of e numbers, so if you want, you can try make then youreself.

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Salty Snacks


Popcorn is not healthy, but they are a better options than chips, of course you have to make them yourself without alt the butter. It is a great substitute the movie nights.

Make your own chips

This might take some time, but it will be lot healthier. You can even make them from all sorts of vegetables, which is an great oppurtunity to experiment.

Nuts with salt

Again you have to make them yourself, but that's okay, it will only take 10 sekunds. But actually you shouldn't eat lots of nuts only about 10-20g. so it is all about moderation.

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Again we have the dates! Where i live you can get them with tastes like liquirice, caramel and coconut. It taste more delicious than it might sound. And you can always try make them yourself.

Skyr with berries

It might not be the same as candy, but it is a nice sweet dessert.

Sugarfree candy

You can buy lots of different sugarfree candy, they might be low in calories, but they contain lots of unhealthy e numbers, but sometimes you just need you're candy, you know? So once in a while this could be an options.

Fruit drops

In my local supermarket there are these fruitdrops, they are 100% natural and made of fruits and berries, they taste amazing and have a chewy consistency,


You might think that thias has nothing to do with candy? And yes, you're right. But for me it helps drink a cup of tea, mostly berries or these amazing teas we have were I live "Blueberrry muffin" and "strawberry cupcake", then I just add some sweetners, and it feels like drinking candy!

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Other ideas

Ice cream

Make an easy, healthy and delicious icecream only made of frozen bananas. Try add cocao powder, nuts, berries, chocolat pices or whatever you can think of.


There are so many options for making healthy smoothies and milkshakes. Be creative or search at the internet. I usually use banana as a base. Frozen if i want it to be a milkshake. Then i add berries and the type of milk i prefer.

Vegtables with dip

I like chopping my favorites veggies like cucumber, bell pepper, carrots and so on. Then I make a dip using a dip mix + lowfat creme fraiche or skyr.

Hope you like the ideas and want to try them off yourself. As said in the start, i will update it frequently. If you want a commen article about fastfood or just food in general, just let me know.

Much Love