Maybe for some of you school has started but I'm going to school this Monday and I'm really freaking out..cause this year there will be many children(teens) older than me and that's why I'm terrified.Well, the good thing is that I'm gonna be with my friends .yayyyy!!! Ok, so my point is that even if you hate school (like me) you have to think that at school you made some really good friends and you have some memories with them. For example, I feel you people out there when you do NOT like some of your classmates but that's ok don't worry everything will be fine. Just imagine life without school. I don't say I'm a fan of it , I like school but I really really hate tests!!!And some teachers are like.. for the garbage, if you know what I meannnn. Well, we have to deal with it anyways so as I said don't worry better days are comingggg (I mean there's always next summer lol)