Did you ever have a cat ??? Because I have her name is Alisia and she is grey with this amazing green eyes.I found her in my neighbourhood when she was a kitty.The problem with my cat is that thinks that is princess.If you met her you will understand what I mean. She will meow one if she want to leave her olone two just to tell you that she will go out three if the water is dirty or she need water and four if she is hungry. It's like I live with onother person. The previous days we have a fight she told me that she will go out but yesterday we have decree that we will go to my mums home ...After a couple minutes my neighboor hit my door... she ask me if I am ok I told her that I am fine I just fight with my cat... I don't know why but she look me really weird and she leave without to say anything...really rude !! But yes Alisia is like my best friend every night we say to each other how was our days...actually I say to her she just listening me.And when I go to a bar with my friends she doesn't sleep...she wait for me. No ,no ,no it's not sweet ok maybe is sweet to see her wait for you but the very next minute that you gonna close the door she is gonna start talk to you with nerves... Idon;t know what she say but I am pretty sure that she say something like
<< Where you was ??With your "friends" ??! Why did you late so much this Mary tell you that it's everything ok if you late one time aaa??? And you listening her right ?? Of course... but Mary hasn't pet she has nothing to take care...but you have...YOU HAVE ME!!! But of course you don't care about me you care this people...how long did you know them aaaa??? But you was always like that >>
And when it's time to close the light you listen this meow which I hope means" goodnight bitch "
That is my cat and sometime remind to me my mum and my sister which is scary but I still love her <3 <3