People seem to focus more on the negative aspect of being melanin, but what about the perks that come with it. For example, being able to have any and EVERY type of hairstyle. I get tired of having the same hairstyle everyday but being melanin gives me a chance to switch things up whenever i feel like it. I recently have being exploring the different kinds of hairstyles that i'm able to do. last week I had my hair in a bun and for the past two days I've been rocking feed in braids which are basically like dutch braids but since i have medium length hair you add extensions to make it appear longer. every since 6 grade I've been trying new things with my hair I've had curly hair, straight hair, wavy, braids, and next week i'm going to be trying jumbo braids. ouu also if you want to dye your hair but you don't want to experience damage you can always get dyed extensions. -sincerely yours truly Bb