Alright this is just a rant because oh well something so freaking sh*tty i have been seeing on twitter lately. There is this "very cool" trend where you hate on Fifth Harmony everytime you praise Little Mix, of course, not saying everybody does this, but on what drugs you have to be to think you look cool when you bring a girlgroup down just to praise your favorite girlgroup? Oh and also on top of that thinking that Little Mix will claim the sh*t you do!

I am a Mixer AND a Harmonizer and also a Camilizer, yes I support them all but by saying this of course i'm not saying everyone should love 5H and Camila and Little Mix at the same time, love who you want, but the problem here is that you think you look cool when you bring one of them down just to praise your favorite which is sick. Also as someone who is a fan of them all I KNOW they are all sweet,kind and also NOT supportive of bullying and cyber-bullying, so before you think you are cool when you sh*t on one of them to praise your favorite, whoever is your favorite, they wont be happy when they see your posts and they don't claim your hateful ass.