Hello there.

I thought, that I would write something about myself. I saw many people on this website is writing about themselves or about something else.

Well firstly, I'm from this country called Lithuania. If you look in the map, it would hard to find it, because my country is small. Lithuania is famous for it's history and many more. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius, where I live.

Lithuania, travel, and view image
In the photo you can see the Old Town and in the distance the Gedimina's Tower.

So I'm 18 years old, and I was born on 7th of December 1998.
This year I finished school and I'm a proud student of Vilnius Collage of Design, VCD for short. In VCD I'm going to study photography.

I'm a huge book worm.

book, interior, and decor image

Last summer I read over 50 books, and everyone said I was crazy. When I was reading all those books, I start writing reviews about them, what I like and dislike and them. If you want I can recommend for you in my next article.

Well I think I said everything I wanted to say.
See ya in a next article

_Agatha_ aka Nerd Studio