☹ You know it's fucked when the pain feel nice
☹ Cheap liquor on ice, nice
☹ I'm tryna get you out my head tonight (tonight)
☹ I'm tryna get you out my fucking life (fucking life, right)
☹ Then we fucked, then she sucked me off twice
☹ Then I left that bitch alone like I was right, fucking right (wrong)
☹ In your thong smokin' strong outta bong
☹ What the fuck, and I'm tryna make this song (ay, ay)
☹ Young white prick, I get a kick out hittin' licks
☹ Watch how I kick out yo bitch, just so I could cut my wrist
☹ Bitch I'm tatted out my shirt so I can't work, I make it flip
☹ Pour my 40 in the dirt then light my dutch and take a sip
☹ I hear voices in my head, they tellin' me to call it quits
☹ I found some Xanax in my bed I took that shit, went back to sleep ☹ They gon' miss me when I'm dead, I lay my head and rest in peace
☹ I'm praying to the sky and I don't even know why

☹ Ohhhh, I don't think I can take this anymore
☹ Noooo, washing the blood from my wrist on the floor
☹ Ohhhh, fuck is you talkin' bout my shit is dope
☹ Play this shit when they put me in a hole for eternity so they can reap what
they sow
☹ Ohhhh, I don't think I can do nothing but flow
☹ Noooo, I don't know what she be fuckin' me for
☹ Ohhhh, I don't know why you in love with me hoe
☹ I keep amphetamines up in my coat
☹ I'm in the zone, I'm all on my own