Hi guys,welcome back.Right now i am writing this article and listening to music from Spotify.So why not writing an article about my favourite songs at the moment?But first...le's talk about music.Listening to music has a great effect to our life.For example when you are sad you love listening to sad songs,when you are happy you listen to cheerful and dance songs!

Here are some of my current favourite songs

1. Place We Were Made by Maise Peters

If you want you can check out Maisie Peters youtube channel.She is amazing!!

2. Cross My Mind Pt.2 by Arizona feat.Kiiara

3. Wait by Martin Jensen feat. Loote

4. All My Friends by Snakehips feat. Tinashe, Chance The Rapper

5.Grand Canyon by The Wind and The Wave

6.Drowing by KREAM & Clara Mae

That's all the songs that i have been listeing to.I know it is a different article from my usual but i think it is pretty interesting!