I have decided to write a post to explain....WHAT'S ON MY PHONE ? (or simply what are my favourite apps in this period ?).
Let's start from the most useful to the less useful:

1) INSTAGRAM: I prefer this social to Facebook, because as We Heart I can share my life with photos.. but I prefer Instagram to We Heart it for the filters....professional and beautiful ! I love them so much <3 ( sorry We Heart it but u should add them, no? ahahah )

2) WE HEART IT: very useful for me to find here some ideas, original pics and connect with people from all the world...I completely in love with this new update: writing articles..omg I'm feeling a real fashion blogger ! (hey girl, don't get too excited)

3) CLUE: a sort of diary to monitor my period ( all women understand me). It saved my life many times, by now.. I am grateful about that ;)

4) WHATSAPP: Forget all text messages, now we chat here free !
(maybe we are a bit stingly !)

5) SNAPCHAT: Perfect app for my crazy moments...I never post nothing but I have saved a lot of embarassing pics, ops

6) SMULE SING: Very funny for my freetime,..there's a profile where you share your songs and there's also a professional karaoke !

7) POLYVORE: A world of fashion...you can create your own collection and combinate different clothes..on it you are the stylist of yourself !

8) LINDA BROWN: This game is a sort of soap opera.. I am waiting the third season.. the story is so captivating !

For now, I have finished----