1 . she has synesthesia. she associates colours with music notes, days of the week, numbers, names, smells, etc

2 . her electra heart hair was a wig. after going to a hairdresser to dye her hair platinum blonde, a large portion of her hair broke off so she had to wear a wig

3 . her parents divorced when she was four

4 . she is half greek, half welsh. she moved to greece when she was 16

5 . electra heart is a fictional character. she killed herself as electra heart in the music video ''electra heart'' and wiped the heart on her cheek, becoming Marina again

6 . her song “girls” was inspired by her journey to find a suitable record label

7 . marina got her first job as a froot picker at nine. she got fired after three days

8 . britney spears was marina's teen idol

9 . she once kicked someone out of her gig ( see https://youtu.be/G2Q26x4HRSo at 1:52 )

10 . she loves businessmen

11 . she released her self-produced debut EP Mermaid vs. Sailor in November, 2007

12 . she was named Best Newcomer at the 2010 Virgin Media Music Awards

13 . she has an older sister named Lafina

14 . in 2015, she began dating Clean Bandit's bassist Jack Patterson.

15 . her birthday is on october 10, her zodiac sign is libra

16 . she is 5' 4" (1,63 m)

17 . when explaining her stage name Marina and the Diamonds, she has stated: "i'm Marina. you [her fans] are the diamonds."

18 . her grandmother is singing a greek folk song on the outro of "Fear and Loathing"

19 . her favourite flavour of crisps is pickled onion.

20 . her favorite food is pizza

21 . it took three months to write the song happy

22 . she used to work in a petrol station

23 . she never dated a blonde person

24 . she can't sleep if any doors or drawers are open in her flat

25 . she wants to write a book about women

26 . when she can't sleep, she stalks fan accounts

27 . she used to wish she was a boy

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