1.The last song you listened to

Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood

2. Last song you purchased

A beautiful lie - 30 seconds to mars

3. Song you discovered on youtube/weheartit

Crawl outta love - Illenium ft. Annika wells

4. Favourite Soundtrack Piece

Courtyard Apocalypse - HP & the deathly hallows part 2

Winter has come - Game of Thrones Season 6 Soundtrack 17

5. Favourite Band

5SOS, The Neighbourhood, Fall out Boy & Linkin Park (too much haha)

6. Favourite Solo Artist

Sia, Harry Styles & James Arthur

7. Favourite Album

Take me home - 1D
Sounds good feels good 5SOS
(After all this time? Always. hahaha)

8. Best Live Gig OR Act you want to see live

5 seconds of summer & Harry Styles

9. Guilty Pleasure Song

You can be the boss Daddy - Lana del Rey (yes haha, but I love her)

10. Song you used to hate but you now like

Gentleman - xatar ft. teesy

11. Song you used to love but now can’t stand

Hello - Adele

12. Group you wish had never split

One Direction ... of Course

13. Favourite song from a video game

I don´t play Video games, so idk

14. Favourite song from a film

Freeze you out - Sia (The Huntsman & the ice queen)

15. Favourite song from an advert

Take me to church - Hozier

16. Song you grew up with

Little Things - 1D

17. First song/album you ever bought

Take me home - 1D (always remember this time... it so good)

18. Album you found accidentally and love

Beauty behind the madness - The Weeknd

19. Favourite foreign language song

My normal language is german, so yeah haha all this song here.

20. A song from the year you were Born

My Immortal - Evanescene (2000)

21. Song from your favourite music genre

My Music taste is different, but I think Pop.. so a lot of these songs

22. Most Over-rated song

Despacito - Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee (ughhh so damn irritating...)

23. Song you would recommend to everyone

Grand Piano - Nicky Minaj

24. Song that reminds you of a specific Event

Chandelier - Sia and Broken Home - 5SOS

25. Song you can’t help but sing along to

Blackbear - Idfc

26. Favourite parody song


27. Favourite slow song

One more light - Linkin Park

28. Favourite fast song

Genesis - Lookas

29. Favourite song at the Moment

How - The Neighbourhood

30. All time favourite song

So faw away - Avenged Sevenfold
Little Things - 1D