What's up, i'm Lia, well let's be honest, i'm Natalia.This is the first time I'm gonna write a public "article".
let's go to the point. I decide to focus this letter on you, yeah you, the beautiful person that, i hope, it's reading this.
This is a little reminder that you are worth it, don't let nobody bring your wings down because you are the boss of your mind. do not listen to the stereotypes that, now a days, are all around the world, you are who you are and there's no need to pretend. doesn't matter if you have freckles,big boobs,small waist,thin lips, curly hair... because your mom made you the way you are perfect UNIQUE.
And i want you to stand up, go infront of a mirror and tell yourself:
i am beautiful
i am brave
i am smart
i am unique
i am my own kind of perfect
i do not need a man
i belive in my self
And before you go ahead with whatever you were doing: smile to your reflection.

bye and tell me if you like it pls