One Direction is so much more than that. From top of the charts, to the bottom of your heart. All I'm saying is that, being a fangirl will change the way you would think things.

Shall we begin? Why you should date a fangirl.

First thing first, being a fagirl has these certain standards.
Let's use Harry Styles for example. People who stan Harry Styles knows for a fact that this boy has it all: the good looks, the talent, and especially his love for this family.

If you were to date a Harry stan, you should at least have these personality. But what I love about him the most is that he loves his mom so much. He talks to his mom everyday, and he always makes sure to make his mom hear his album first before anybody else.

I know you would probably thinking this article is just about Harry, blahblah. No, What I'm saying is that fangirls have the best taste on boys. Hahaha I know this would probably nonsense. But hey this is a first.