Music is something that expresses feelings. Feelings that we don't really know to explain. Music can take you anywhere. Here are just a few songs I'd recommend.

{ No Buses }
Arctic Monkeys
Lady where's your love gone?
I was looking but can't find it anywhere
They always offer when there's loads of love around
But when you're short of some it's nowhere to be found

{ Wires }
The Neighbourhood
I see the wires pulling while you're breathing
You knew you had a reason
It killed you like diseases
I can hear it in your voice while you're speaking you can't be treated
Mr. Know it all had his reign and his fall
At least that's what his brain is telling all

{ Guy My Age }
Hey Violet
'Cause you hold me like a woman
In a way I've never felt before
And it makes me wanna hold on
And it makes me wanna be all yours

{ Woman }
Harry Styles
I hope you can see the shape that I'm in
While he's touching your skin
He's right where I should, where I should be
But you're making me bleed

And of course the greatest song in the history of all songs...

{ All Star }
Smash Mouth
Somebody once asked could I spear some change for gas
"I need to get myself away from this place"
I said, "Yep, what a concept,
I could use a little fuel myself
and we could all use a little change!"

Okay! Those are all the songs for this article. I'll make another one soon, maybe it'll be about something else! I hope you have a good day/night!!

~ *Bambi*