Hey Guys!

So, this is your first year in college and you don't know what to wear?

Well, I'm going to tell you the different styles that girls wear in college, and then I'm going to tell you which one I use.

So, are you ready?


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This is one of my favorites.

They are totally comfy, and it gives you a relax appearance. Is a boho style, and is beautiful if you try with a braid or with your hair down.


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Personally, I love short jeans. Here in Puerto Rico the heat sometimes is really unbearable in the summer. So, to that kind of climate this type of jeans are the best. And of course, you're still comfy.

Ripped Jeans

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If there is a style that I adore so much is this one. The ripped jeans are just mandatory if you like to look casual but still good dressed. You can compliment with converse (that are my favorite), with boots, or with flip flops.


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In my opinion, jackets are just essential no matter where you go, and specially in college. In my college all the classrooms have air condition and sometimes is really cold that I can't even move my fingers and write. So, I think that jackets are an essential part of every outfit in college.


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I like boots and flip flops but I like even more sneakers. They are just so comfort and casual and practical. I really love using sneakers. They fit with everything and that's perfect.

Okay, so now what I like to wear more in college?

I usually most of the times use ripped jeans and converse. But sometimes I use vans. I use any shirt. In shirts I don't have a lot of problem because I use any shirt that I see that fits with my usual.

And that's all. Hope you like your article.

See you around!
xoxo, T.