Okay, let’s get this straight. I’m here today to talk about us Hufflepuff. The fact that recently this house has been revaluated makes me so happy, but there’s still a lot to do to reach the day in which Hufflepuff will have the value it deserves.
I’m a proud Hufflepuff, and let me tell you a thing: we are NOT the ones that weren’t right for the other houses, so ended up in Hufflepuff. We are so much more.
Hufflepuff people are dreamers. They are kind, they are genuine, they are funny, they are goofy, they are loyal. They love all of the beautiful things that are out there and they try their best to always see the best in everything and in everyone.
They are the ones that, in their worst days, know that it won’t be forever, and that the sun will rise again. And they are the ones that, when everything is perfect, know it won’t last forever, either, so they enjoy it while they can, to remember those beautiful moments when they can’t find anything beautiful around them.
They are the ones who forgive, even if they can’t forget. They are the ones that always give a second chance, and always lend a helping hand to the ones in need.
They are crazy. You will stay up late with them, talking about books and starry nights and everything that makes your eyes shine and your heart melt. They are the ones that, even if they are terrible at it, will sing at the top of their lungs to every song that they love, using a brush as a microphone. They are the ones that will sing with you every Disney song, and will play the whole film for you, because they watched it so many times that they know it by heart.

They are the ones who get excited for nothing, and for nothing they will cry, or maybe smile for days, because everything they feel hits them so deeply, it almost hurts. But they love it. They love to cry, and laugh, and be left breathless, because they feel alive while these strong emotions run in their veins.
They are the ones that will go around with a flower crown in their hair, and then they’ll feel guilty because they picked up those flowers. They are the ones that will always cross the road to pet a dog or a cat. They are the ones that, finding a injured animal, will do their best to take care of it, to set it free in the end, even if they became attached to it and they will probably tear up watching them go away.
They are the ones that, when you talk, will always listen to you, even when everybody else isn’t. They will look at you, smile and say: “Go on, I’m listening.”
They are the ones that will go around in onesies, or wearing the most crazy things, because they love them. They are the ones that love big sweaters, and long striped socks, and scarfs. They are the ones that will drank gallons of tea while reading the book they love, or watching the film that always makes them cry. They are the ones that will spend a lot of time stargazing with the ones they care about.
They are wise, but not like Ravenclaws. Their wisdom comes from their heart and not from their mind.
They are brave, but not like Griffindors. Their strength is knowing that being soft in such a cruel world is the most brave thing you can do.
They are ambitious, but not like Slytherins. They will always sacrifice everything about them to achieve what they want, but they won’t never refuse to help someone, even if it means going out of their way, because the people that surround them is more important than their destination: they know that reaching the end without the people they love would not be a victory. So they wait. They are patient. They will rather walk beside you than win the race, because their happiness comes from knowing that the ones that surrounds them are happy, too. But they will always fight for what they want, and will work hard to reach it. And never think that they won’t think about themselves: they love everyone, but they love themselves first, and they learned how to let go of people not meant for them.
They are the ones who love fiercely and gracefully. They are the ones that can’t do anything without feeling it deeply.
And they are also the ones that will rip your heart off of your cold, dead chest if you only dare touch the things and the people they love. Because even if they prefer to be kind and warm and fuzzy, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be angry, and trust me – an angry Hufflepuff is terrifying, because you would never think they are capable of this kind of rage. They won’t react like that if you harm them, but they won’t show any mercy for the ones that made their best friend cry.
They are the ones that do everything out of love. They are the ones that look at everything with shiny eyes. The ones that will always believe. They are and will always be “the optimists, the hopers of far-flung hopes, the dreamers of improbable dreams”. They are a force of nature. They are almost ethereal. They will leave you asking how someone can be such a warm ray of light.
They are brave, smart and ambitious. But out of these things, they chose to be kind.
That’s what they are. That’s what WE are. Even if we do a lot of things that seem to be typical of other houses, we do it in our particular way. There will never be a day in which I won’t be proud of all of this, because it’s what I am. And I finally learned to love myself.
So “here’s to the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem”.