Before I start, yes I know, some of these are fairly known; but I think they still deserve some appreciation from everyone. Lot's of these are rnb based, and not k-pop, but stick around, I'm sure you'll love a few just as much as I do. This is not in any particular order.

1. Loki : Grind (feat.규영)

Definitely a 'lowkey' artist haha. I'm sorry, enjoy the song.

2. N O V E L : Fo'sho

3. IONE : Treasure (feat. Asher)

Past member of SPEED, Taeha, has some amazing underappreciated songs.

4. ZICO : Bermuda Triangle (feat. Crush, DEAN)

Zico is by no means unpopular, but I love this one. If you enjoy rap, you might as well.

5. groovyroom : Somewhere (feat.수란 & pH-1)

This collab is stunning. groovyroom has some amazing songs. If you enjoy this one, check out his others!

6. HOTSHOT : Jelly

This song ignites my horrible dancing skills. For sure one of my favourite K-pop songs, I highly recommend for lovers of EXO, BTS, GOT7 etc.

7. Taemin : Press Your Number

Yet again, not an unpopular artist, but you seriously can't go wrong with this song. If you haven't discovered this gem, get your Youtube open.

8. 10cm : HELP

Okay, I feel like this song is too important to leave out. 10cm addresses the issue of high suicide rates in South Korea, so make sure to turn on your subtitles and try not to cry. If you enjoy it, make sure to check out this trainee's newest release, Pet. It's more lighthearted and very cute.

9. SNUPER : It's Raining

It's raining men, hallelu- wrong song, yeah.. But it's still a bop.

10. Wrong Address x Crush : Love is True

This concludes my first list. I'll be sure to make more in the near future. Hopefully you enjoyed!