Okay, fine... I will write another article.

Since the last one I posted turned out to have lots of hearts, I thought about posting another and see if it can do as well.

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This time I'm writing about love. Or maybe not "love" but just a really big fat crush. So let me introduce you to Hector (yep that was a pseudonym).

Hector is two years older than me. We actually went to the same school, but we met in our English school (I'm Spanish). So, we met and we actually hated each other. Well, not hated, but we would usually piss the f*ck up of one another. Our English teacher once told us to work in pairs... Together. We couldn't agree with anything the other said and finally our teacher said: "Either you will end up killing each other or you'll end up dating."

I can't even describe my face the moment she said that.

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Hector and I shared a look (both #shook), and just simoultanously answered "Definitely killing". That.

That was when it all started.

I became so obsessed with that. I began to think that other people thought I liked him, when I didn't. Obviously, being paranoid all the effing time just impregnated my mind with the idea of actually liking him. And yeah, eventually I fell.

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Don't worry thought, I got over it. Not because I wanted to but because I had to.

I actually saw him kissing another girl and my heart broke so hard I could physically feel the pain. I went to a bathroom and cried my eyeballs out. I was devastated. I was heartbroken.

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So I had to get over him. I eventually discovered that girl wasn't his girlfriend, he didn't have a girlfriend and I never knew who the girl was nor why did he kiss her.

I think we were actually a perfect match. We had so many things in common and we kind of complemented each other, but I guess I'll never know for sure.

Then time passed. We finished high school. He went to college, I changed schools. We didn't see each other anymore.

Until one day.

I was on my way to meeting up with who would be my partner for some time. I got in the Subway and right a few seats away from me. Right in the same car. There he was.

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I sat next to him and we talked. But he was so f*cking rude. It was like I didn't even know him. And the worst thing is; I think running into him made me compare my boyfriend to him and they were really similar. So I just thought that maybe, even after two years, I still have a crush on him.

The question now is why am I writing this. Well, I'm coming back to English school this October, only I'm changing the day (instead of going on Mondays and Wednesdays like I used to I'm going on Saturday).

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And deep in my heart I have this wish, this hope, that he will go on Saturdays too. That maybe he comes back into my life again. But I guess I'll have to wait 'til October.

Please let me know if you want me to write again if it turns out that we meet again. Maybe this article will get a second part.