21 year old girl living in Switzerland with Immigrant parents.

They used to say: " When you are 18 years old you can do whatever you want and go where ever you want to. We are not responsable for you than anymore. " Naive as I was I used to believe them . Now I'm 21 years old and I still have to ask my dad everytime I go for a coffee with my friends. If he is not at home I even have to call him. If I go out in the evening I have to be at home befor midnight because if I come home later , he will be mad and tell me that I'm crazy and stupid. Remeber I'm 21 years old.
People keep on telling me : " You are 21 years old you should do whatever you want and you shouldn't ask your parents for approval. At the end it is you life."
I know that it is my life but it doesn't feel like it is.