I get asked a lot why I is anime so good and this is some of my reply:

I enjoy anime probs for the sake that when I find a good one I could sit there for hours and watch it sounds unhealthy but it lets you imagination run wild how is it going to end will my ship work out or even will they ever finish it in a way I can come back to it for fun instead of throwing my laptop the window its an awesome feeling.
another one of my many reasons is when you find that one(or if your lucky more)anime that's makes you want to almost gobble it up in one go and makes you get excited and you can sing the opening at full force and cry at every happy or sad moment.
this is personally if you don't agree that's fine but if you just don't like anime than you are unrealistic and shouldn't be trusted
if this has peaked your interest than go out and explore that anime world
I apologies in advance if you find a sad anime