Hello everybody!
In today's article I'm going to share with you how my friends and I turned into the liars and A for my PLL themed party that I had for my 15th birthday :)

1. Emily

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Emily's look is one of the easiest as she always dresses kind of sporty. My friend Irene turned into her just wearing a pair of blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a blue hoodie, but I think that instead of the t-shirt and the hoodie you can wear also a shirt.
For the hair she just made a high ponytail.
For the make-up I suggest a natural look, so put on just a bit on foundation and mascara.

clothes boots fashion beauty

2. Aria

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My friend Sofia had to play Aria's character and she decided to dress like fist seasons' Aria. She wore leopard-skin leggings, a black undershirt with some lace at the bottom and a black crop top. You can also add a beanie if you want. If you don't want to wear leggings, you can put on a nice dress.
Then, she let her hair down and put some black pencil on her eyes, some mascara on her eyelashes and a nude lip gloss.

Superthumb dress Superthumb aria


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Hanna is the most fashionable girl of the group. To recreate her character I suggest a pair of black or blue jeans, a nice shirt or blouse and a jacket. Hanna wears a lot of accessories too, so put on a lot of bracelets, a nacklace and good pair of earings (possibly big). Oh, and don't forget heels!
For the hair you can straighten it or put a wave in, but always let it down.
For the makeup put some eyeshadow and pencil on your eye, some mascara, some blush and bronzer on your cheeks and a nude lipstick.

black black beauty pretty little liars

4. Spencer

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Spencer has a smart kind of look. To turn into her you can wear a skirt or a pair of trousers with a blouse. Add also a silk scarf if you want.
Then, curl you hair a bit and let it down. It would be perfect if you had a fringe.
For your makeup I suggest a natural look like Emily's but add also some black pencil.

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5. Alison

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My friend Ludovica decided to play the role of bitchy Alison so she wore a pair of vlack jeans and the memorable yellow top that Alison was wearing when she disappeared.
Curl your hair and let it down, then put just some mascara and some lip gloss and your done as Alison's look is very very natural

black Superthumb girl Superthumb

6. A

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Finally, I played the A's role, which is very very simple as you have to wear all black. You just need pair of black jeans, black shoes, a black t-shirt and a black hoodie. Let your hair down and put on your hood.
For the makeup you can put on dark eyeshadow, mascara and pencil and a red lipstick

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Aaand that's it! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you've enjoyed this article. Bye!

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P.S. sorry for possible mistakes but I'm still learning English and I'm taking these articles as an opportunity to improve my writing and my knowing of the language :)