I often get asked where my vegan journey began? How did I come about this lifestyle? How come I do not eat animal products and what do I eat instead? Plus the all-time favourite one, where do I get my protein? The last question will probably be a later post on itself, but for now I want to share with you my road to vegan lifestyle.


Growing up, as with a lot of children I did not enjoy eating meat that much, sometimes my mum even used to force me. I still remember hiding food in flower pots, creative I know. Years later I used to enjoy eating chicken and from time to time other meats as well, I do used to eat kebabs, which now just blows my mind how far I come on this journey.

Bye meat

My switch came very strangely, very organically with no pressure from anyone, with no information really. One day I just stopped eating meat. I don’t remember why, but I do remember the year it happened- 2011. The summer of this year I came to London to work for three months whilst on my summer break from university. I worked in one ‘healthy food’ chain, during this time I ate so much chicken (as we used get a lot of food for free). This same year I met my partner and on one of our first dates we went to a fancy restaurant and I remember ordering duck. I did not know that then, but this was my last piece of meat to be consumed. Somehow I just felt like I do not need that in me anymore. It felt so easy to do that, I never got cravings, never felt like I was missing anything, much to say I just thought why I did not do that earlier.

Road to plant-based diet

One year or more after that I came across so much information about animal cruelty, about nourishing healthy foods, about people who transform their life for the better, about how meat is the number one contributor to environment degradation. I became so hooked on finding more, on learning more. And so I did. The things and information I came across shocked me to say the least, I finally got so many answers, I finally understood that all my life I lived at the expense of other living beings. I made that connection that I am a part of this all, and my actions and habits do contribute to the bigger picture.

By this time I was not even vegetarian, I ate fish and quite often to be completely honest.

I was considering taking fish out of my diet, but this only happened after I got food poisoning in Thailand after eating strange looking prawns. Call it a sign, right?

After that followed eggs & cheese. When it comes to other products of diary I had been already using alternative products like (almond, coconut, soya) milks and yogurts. It really was not as big deal as some may think. Once you know why you are doing this, it comes naturally. You know that these food do not serve you, animals or our environment.


I believe it’s been nearly three years now since I am on a plan-based diet. I feel great, I love food as much as I used and I do not feel like I am missing out on anything. I feel more connected with all living beings, more connected with nature than I ever was. It feels great.

If someone asks me now why am I following this lifestyle? I could go on and on about this, I could provide so much information why this is the best way to live your life. But honestly, I find that people are still not open to receive all of this. So I tend to stick to a more peaceful line, which goes something like this: I choose not to consume any animal products because it simply does not align with my core beliefs.

I am open to all your questions you might have in regards to this. Hook me up with some posts you want to see. I will definitely be diving more deeply into veganism, its benefits, where to start, what I eat and much more. This was just me sharing my story and hopefully letting you know more about myself.

Would love to know where about you are with your current diet and what lifestyle you choose to follow? Let’s continue the conversation in the comments down below.

Much love ♡


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