Hi loviess,

Ever fallen in love? Ever got a broken heart? Then you know how great it feels when you're with the person you're in love with and how much it hurts when they don't love you back (anymore). I experienced it.

I was in love with this guy, he was sweet, kind, funny and made me feel happy. I was so blinded by the love. I didn't notice that I liked him much more then he liked me. After 2 months he told me that he wanted to talk, so I thought, we were getting into a relationship. But that wasn't it, he told me he wasn't ready to get in a relationship with me and didn't knew if we should go on with what we were doing. It hurted so much! I didn't expect anything like that.

This is why I'm scared of love. Sometimes it's a fairy tail, and sometimes it's a nightmare. But we all need it in case to be happy.

Lots of Love,

Miley xxx

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