Because people judge the first word they see
And it's only when its untitled that we actually try to see through the outside

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Because titles make everything feel heavy
It makes us feel obliged to stick to what the title says

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Because some things can't be expressed in a single or limited set of words
What we feel can be an infinite number of words or just a void

bathroom, girls, and lace image couple, ariana grande, and sunset image

Because that's us most of the times
Just going with the flow and no rules and nothing to hold us back

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Hi pretty little stars! How are you doing today? I think this poem is a pretty clever way to tell you all about my untitled poems. I thank you so much for your positive response with the first five poems that I wrote. As I've said I'm not a professional poet or nothing close to being a good poet but I love writing! I love how I can also put pictures so that you my stars can see what I see. If you want to read the poems I wrote that are actually untitled, see the collection below:
Since this poem is not really untitled, I will place this in a different collection wherein I put random articles (see below).
Once again! Thanks for today stars! You all rock!