Family, friends, food, memories, the guys who will not leave no matter how difficult it would be, people who respect and treat each other as they want to be respected treated, makes life happier and easier.

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Family, family loves you, supports all the choices of what you choose to do in your life, is there for you always and forever, they are also sometimes annoying, and it feel like they do not understand you. But you are always in their heart and they love you.
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Friends, friends love you for who you are and don’t try to change you in any direction, they listen all your worries, problems and their shoulder against you can cry and laugh, with them you spend the best time and you share your own life. “my sister, my other half, my bestfriend”
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Food, Food combines people together and everyone can find something to eat. It tastes, looks and smells good.
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memories, memories do not disappear and you can not rub them away. They are done when you were happy or sad, they are images and writings on the walls of the school. Those memories are remembered when is sad and wants something else to think about, you think memories then when you lost your friend with whom you had a lot of them.
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the guys who will not leave nothing, no matter how difficult it would be. Are friends who mean it and are worth for living. They are always and forever by your side and gradually you realize that they have become another family.
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people who respect and treat each other as they want to be respected treated. They help and are backed by others, are support to others, and no matter how badly someone treat them, they will treat him/her in the same way as everybody else.