6th September 2017

Almost 4 weeks ago, I got braces. I actually wasn't that scared to get them, I was actually kinda excited. I got my braces tightened this morning, so I've decided to write an update every time I get them tightened.

Do they actually hurt?
I have pretty bad pain tolerance, but they didn't really hurt that much for me. Maybe it didn't hurt that much for me because I only got top braces. The first day or two, it was just a bit of pressure, and felt uncomfortable and weird. They only really hurt when I ate food. But just because it didn't hurt that much for me doesn't mean it's going to be the same for you because everyone has different pain tolerances.

What to eat.....
It's been really challenging having a whole heap of foods that I can't eat. If I were you, I would steer clear from everything your dentist tells you not to eat. I know, it's very hard, but this way, you're most likely will get your braces off earlier. One thing you defiently should not drink is soft drinks and sugary drinks. If you drink them, it can loosen the bond that the brackets have on your teeth, and you don't want that.At first, I ate yogurt, bananas and had soft foods like pasta for dinner. Now that I've had braces for longer, it doesn't hurt to eat anymore, so I just eat normal foods now.

I was really excited to get braces because I had huge gaps at the front of my teeth, and I looked like Bugs Bunny! From the start, I decided to really try and commit to brushing well and maintaining nice teeth. It might seem like a struggle to brush your teeth thoroughly each morning and night, but it will ensure that your teeth are white and healthy when you get your braces off. I brush for 2 minutes each morning and night (if you have top and bottom braces, I suggest brushing for longer) and then I use this little floss brush for my braces, then I use actual floss for my bottom brace-free teeth. Then I use a minty mouthwash!

I'll get teased....and I'll look weird....
So many people are getting braces these days. About 10 people have braces in my class at school, so it's pretty normal. But wherever you go to school, it might not be so common. If you think you're gonna get teased, then just ignore it, because when you get your braces off, your teeth are gonna be ten times more perfect than the person who teased you. I have to have braces for a year, so however long you need yours for, just embrace it, because it is doing wonders for you and your teeth! ;)

What colours should I choose....?
So when I actually got my braces on, I didn't have a choice, and I just had to get grey. I don't really like colours on braces that much, so today I just got a grey pearl colour. If yore thinking of getting coloured bands, then I have a few that you should not pick. Don't pick green, yellow or orange because it kind of makes your teeth look like they have something stuck in them. Also, don't choose white, because they can turn yellow after a bit and look a bit gross. All the other colours are good, so choose away!

Hope this helped you if you have or are getting braces!

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