School Tips
School can get really boring and so you may not want to study or go to school, you might get stressed, struggle to stay focused and struggle while studying. I know that all these things apply to me.

Here are few that things that help me and may help you too.

Self Control (the app)
This app blocks any websites you choose for a certain amount of time and you can not turn off the timer even if you restart your computer. This app is very helpful so you can study or do your work without any distractions.

Listening to Music
listening to music without lyrics while studying or any music at all helps me focus on what I am doing/studying because it will block out any other noise that will distract or annoy you.

Blue Ink
Writing in blue Ink while taking notes or studying helps you remember whatever you are writing or reading.

You probably have heard this tones before but taking breaks while studying is actually really good because at least for me while studying for a long time I will lose focus. Instead of studying for a long time you can study for 45mins and break for 15mins.

Take time to yourself
After school or on the weekend take time to chill and do whatever you want so you can get back to work not as stressed.

I have a different quote to motivate me for the day as my screen saver on phone because the first thing you probably do in the morning is go on your phone so that is the first thing you see in the morning is motivation for the day.

No To-Do Lists
Something almost everyone does is have a to-do list for the day and it is probably something you look at in the morning but having a bunch of stuff you need to finish can stress you out.

Hope you liked my tips and tricks for school and that they helped you. :) <3