I trusted you.

I gave you my heart,

Yet you went around breaking it silently.

You knew how much power your words had.

But you still went around sugar coating everything.

I trusted you.

Even with my eyes closed I trusted you.

But you hurt me.

I wish I never opened up to you.

I wish never told you about my demons.

I wish I never talked to you.

But it hurts that my heart still belongs with you.

It sucks that I have to go everywhere pretending.

Pretending that I’m fine!

Pretending that everything in my life doesn’t suck.

Pretending that I’m happy.

Because in reality I’m not fine.

I’m weak and I’ve given up.

I’ve given up on everything that there is.

Because everyone I trust goes around breaking it,

Because I’m just a toy to everyone.

Because to everybody I don’t have feelings.

It sucks that I have to go in the bus and see you.

Because wherever I go memories of the both us replay.

Memories of what we had together replay all over again.

But you know what hurts the most ?

It hurts that I still love you