As a woman, okay wow! that was weird, i can't believe I'M a WOMAN now!! shit, where does time go ?

okay getting off topic now. back to typing mode!

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W O M E N, or young Woman however you wanna take it, seem to sometimes compete with each other, you see that's how we fail. as females we need to back each other up

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Men/ boys think that you're arguing over them, and even though you are, you never want a guy to feel like hes the shit. makes a female seem less important. why would you want to date a guy that can't even pick you without having you to kick another girls ass?? NEXT!!! don't stick around cause that right there is a boy...

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OKAY, Now females seem to have low esteem, but wanna know why?? it's not because a guy might think you're ugly or not perfect enough. It's because you browse through social media and see all these beautiful girls pictures, its okay to compliment other females, it makes you a beautiful person. Everyone is beautiful in their own special way.

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Go out there & empower one another, in reality us females need to stay strong with one another, especially when it comes to guys, we can't let these men play us like fools!

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