Otoño es la nostalgia de lo perdido y el comienzo de cosas nuevas, es darle la bienvenida a lo nuevo y darse cuenta que nada parece durar lo suficiente. Que los recuerdos se desvanecen y el futuro no para de llegar, sin darnos tiempo de pensar sobre lo que hemos dejado atrás. Es por eso, que he decidido hacer una lista de canciones que prefiero escuchar por estos días.

Blackbird - On Dead Waves | "My dreams are like summer."

Younger Now - Miley Cyrus | "I'm not afraid of what I used to be."

Certainty - Temples | "I want to know that's certainty's in the light."

Non Believer - London Grammar | "Oh, maybe what we are and what we need, they're different things."

To Build a House - Cosima | "I reset the clocks so I could forgive you for being late."

Yam Yam - No Vacation | "And, why don't you say what's on your mind?"

Seventeen - Peach Pit | "I said, please, would you be mine?"

Little Numbers - BOY | "All the pretty things that we could be."

Ready To Go - Hurts | "When I die, yeah, you know, I'll be ready to go."

Two Ghosts - Harry Styles | "Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat."

Don't Delete the Kisses - Wolf Alice | "When I see you, the whole world reduces to just that room."

The Modern Age - The Strokes | "Start to pretend, stop pretending."

Selfish Love - Jessie Ware | "There's only room for one in your heart. So, tell me, baby... Why are we like this?"

DNA - Lia Marie Johnson | "Hate to say hello 'cause I know that it means goodbye."

Someone Else is Getting In - Drowners | "Oh, the weeks I waited just to hear from you."